ISO/IEC TR 24729-4

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Security standards for data and networks
Information technology - Radio frequency identification for item management - Implementation guidelines - Part 4: RFID guideline on tag data security
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This document provides guidance on RFID Security. The RFID system is divided into modules, each having their own security elements. These modules are tag, tag to reader, reader, reader to host, and host (back-end enterprise) system. The scope of this document is restricted to the security aspects of the tag and tag-to-reader communication (identified as 1 through 2 in Figure 1). Although important, it is beyond the scope of this group to address security aspects of the reader-to-host and back-end enterprise modules (identified as 4 through 7 in Figure 1). [The Center for Democracy in Technology (CDT), as of the date of this publication, has released a draft “Privacy Best Practices for Deployment of RFID Technology” ( that addresses elements 4 through 7. Readers are encouraged to reference the CDT document for further information.]

This document will provide some guidance to systems designers to help them determine potential threats and appropriate countermeasures for modules 1 through 2 in Figure 1. This document is not intended to specifically address consumer privacy concerns. However, since data and personal privacy depend on the use of appropriate security measures, privacy will be addressed in general terms. Data access security provides a measure of personal privacy protection by mitigating the potential for unauthorized reading of data on a tag. However, not all data access security countermeasures provide the same level of protection.

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